Welcome to DU Public School

DU PUBLIC SCHOOL aims to provide a comprehensive, skill based education to girls and boys at the Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary Levels in CBSE curriculum, New Delhi. From Nursery to higher classes, children follow an extended basic programme, which covers academics, co-curricular activities, games and sports. A special long period is set aside every day for Nursery, during which children supervised by their teachers, are expected to complete their practice and consolidation work, clarify their doubts, and address other academic needs.  Spreading over an area of more than three acres, DU PUBLIC SCHOOL is located in the revenue village of Sunguda, an upcoming prestigious township in future, situated near the crossing of NH–16 & N.H. 16A. Mahavinayak ,Chhatia & Chandikhole Temple, Ratnagiri, Udaygiri Historical Monuments are easily accessible from school.


Er. Dhaneswar Mohapatra, Chairman,
DU Public School is a hi-tech, futuristic, numero-uno school, where knowledge reigns supreme. Our school aims at grooming each child academically, socially and spiritually so that he becomes very confident and well balanced citizen of the world. We can also very proudly say that we are the leading school of Jajpur district with ISO certification & CBSE Affiliation. DU Public School has always believed that education can bring about a positive change in the society. This has led us to come up with initiatives like Hope for the Future.

Each member of our School will be responsible socially and personally and I want each student to know that he/she plays an important part in the life of the community. I wish to build a team that works with passion and strives to deliver the finest results.

Mrs. Sujata Mohapatra, Principal
Education is to realize the potential in children. We bring out the talents of children, shape them, round off the rough edges, polish them and make them successful human beings. We believe each child is unique and nurture the potential at every stage of his / her school life to transform the potentiality in to reality. Hard work is the first and last resort to achieve anything and everything. Those who work hard shall reign supreme in the universe. The popularity of the institute over the recent years has ensured its Quality Education while meeting the needs and aspirations of the customers. The Management appreciates the boundless faith of the parents and recognizes their hopes and expectations. As regard to such aspirations of the parents, the Management has taken every possible step well in advance to provide an atmosphere to every scholar to be a worthy being. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all, for their unconditional support to serve the community.  

DU Public School an ambition, a dream, and an aspiration has added numerous feathers to its cap amidst many challenges, changes and chances. In the journey of 07 years it was expected to grow manifold but the growth with this pace and speed was something unbelievable. The school owes this accomplishment to its enterprising, resilient and professional educators who have been tirelessly working to maintain and further enhance the standards prescribed by the DU Public School Management.

Today the school is synonymous with academic excellence along with activities to mould students’ personalities to the desired ones. Thanks to the unflinching support of the management and parents and the teaching and non- teaching staff.

We would appreciate if you, like in the past maintain a close rapport with the school and extend your valuable suggestions.

We would appreciate if you, like in the past maintain a close rapport with the school and extend your valuable suggestions.

Dr.Ranjit Mohapatra, Secretary / Manager

Force Behind

Er. Dhaneswar Mohapatra, Retd. Executive Engineer and Late Umakanta Mohapatra, Retd. Govt. Teacher, Managing Trustee of MV Educational and Welfare Trust have decided to open an educational Institution in revenue of Sunguda to flourish the innovative knowledge of children through learning by doing. Taking the guideline from Er.Satyajit Mohapatra, Software Engineer,Atlanta, USA, Dr. Biswajit Mohapatra, OES, Er.Prasanjit Mohapatra, Software Engineer,Chicago, USA, Dr. Ranjit Mohapatra, Asst. Proffessor, Utkal University, the basic aim of Institution has come to lime light.

The city of Chandikhole needed an Institution where traditions of the ancient Gurukul system strike the right balance with state of the art educational technology. The new system would break free from the rigidity of access and restricted approach to learning, admissions and examinations. There would have to be an attempt to provide more autonomy in the teaching – learning process. Thus, in the year 2006 was born DU PUBLIC SCHOOL, the brainchild of the Mahavinayak Educational and Welfare Trust.

The guiding light of DU PUBLIC SCHOOL, is its motto “Atma Deepo Bhawa”. The children at DU PUBLIC SCHOOL are encouraged to explore reach out and seek answers for themselves. The teachers are encouraged to innovate, guide and most importantly become “First Learners”. The school aims at a unique balance between the richness of Indian tradition and culture and the challenges posed by the new technology – driven environment.

Our Vision

Education is a social process, education is growth.
Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.

DU Public School aim at working on each & every child to ensure that he or she may be able to contribute his/ her best for the glory of our nation. Our vision is not just to impart literacy, but also to discover, cultivate and bring out the latent talent of the child & groom his overall personality.To prepare dynamic and caring citizens of tomorrow to meet the challenges of a global society while retaining their traditional values.

Our Mission

Academic excellence has always been the hall mark of DU PUBLIC SCHOOL and the school is committed to providing a comprehensive education which seeks to develop the students into academically proficient, morally upright and socially well-integrated individuals. Making this possible is a team of highly dedicated and qualified teachers, committed to the task.