DU PUBLIC SCHOOL, designs and implements its own skills and activity based curriculum in the Nursery, Primary and Senior sections. We try to maintain a teacher pupil ratio 1 : 20 and the student study in a caring and stress free environment that makes use of innovative teaching methodologies. There are arrangements for prep work to be done at school under the supervision of the teachers. If a student needs help in a particular subject, the subject teacher is available to clarify the doubts.

Teaching Faculty

DU PUBLIC SCHOOL has been very carefully selected out of the best available talents. These teachers are imbued with the spirit of dedication and devotion. They are not only qualified but also have excellent personality and teaching background. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The man who can make things easy is the educator”. Thus, the teachers here are competent and capable of reducing knowledge to that simple compound of the obvious and the wonderful which slips into the infantile comprehension.

School Clinic

The school clinic is looked after by qualified doctor. Medical checkup of students is done regularly and their medical record is maintained. Parents are informed if the doctor finds that a child needs special medical attention. Besides this, doctors from various reputed hospitals keep visiting the school for dental and ophthalmic checkup of the students.

Curricular:- Ankuran

Shaping Tiny Tots;We Touch Their Future !

The philosophy behind Ankuran is “we play as we learn and we learnt as we play”. Goals are set in a programme consistent with the early stages of a child’s development.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”

The Nursery Wing of the school houses classes Nursery and KG. Classroom learning is made exciting with a colourful ambience, created through multi-hued walls that have cartoon characters painted on them. The designer furniture draws the attention of each child, while the teachers put in their best efforts to put up colourful & catchy charts on the display boards. The classes are provided air coolers and ample indoor equipment like soft toys, cycles, rocking horses, toy cars, etc. The school also provides for two playgrounds and a variety of outdoor equipment .

Teaching is more through play-way methods, activities and educational aids. Learning is not restricted to the school campus alone- the children are taken on trips and excursions to provide better exposure .

Our classrooms, particularly in the nursery and kindergarten classes are provided with the state-of-art-facilities, essential for modern educational institution. Kids are allowed to experience and discover new things instead of being led by the nose. This makes the whole process interesting and a lot less cumbersome.

Thus, we hope to hone the child’s intellectual, physical, cultural, artistic and communication skills in a free and stimulating environment.

Computer Labs

IT Infrastructure

“A Computer terminal is not some clunky old television with a typewriter in front of it. It is an interface where the mind and body can connect with the universe and move bits about it.” DU PUBLIC SCHOOL believes in providing the best possible opportunities to its students as well as faculty to ensure consistent eminence. The IT infrastructure includes four computer laboratories, each equipped with advanced technologies. Computer learning at DU PUBLIC SCHOOL starts right from Nursery where the tiny tots get the exposure to the technology through play way method. This lab offers learning aided by sound and graphics.

Standard- I onwards

            These classes have an integrated academic programme devise to inculcate confidence in the child. The environment is communicative and the children are motivated to express themselves. Reading is a vital part of the programme. Children are encouraged to ask questions.

Subject Taught

English, Oriya, Hindi, Mathematics, General Science, Environmental Studies, Social Studies, Computers, General Knowledge, Art, Music, Cursive Writing, Value Education, Dance, Games and Yoga.


The School follows the syllabus and curriculum prescribed by the NCERT and CBSE, New Delhi. The pattern of examination is according to the norms prescribed the CBSE. The academic year is divided into two terms, the first ending with the Half-yearly examination in October and the second with the Final examination in March followed by other unit test.


•    A student is required to attend minimum 75% of classes in all subjects including all activities.

•    Minimum 70% marks requires for promotion to next higher classes at 4th, 5th and 6th.

Co-Curricular Activities

We believe that every  child has some latent talent, and we seek to make them aware of this. We offer a wide range of activities so that children can discover their interest and learning skill. The children choose from Sitar, Sarod, Tabla, Violin, Piano, Vocal Music (Classical), Martial arts (Taekwondo, Kick boxing – boxing and Karate), Indian classical dance (Odissi), Art and Pottery. In addition, once a week children are encouraged to pursue a hobby by joining one of the following clubs.

•           Flower arrangement
•           Photography
•           Creative craft
•           Science
•           Music appreciation
•           Dramatics
•           Chess
•           Indian Classical Dance
•           Community Service
•           Debating and Elocution

Sports & Games

The games curriculum at DU PUBLIC SCHOOL is an extension of our believe that only physically fit individuals can be mentally fit citizens. This is a compulsory part of the educational process. We do not dismiss players due to lack of talent. We belief every student deserves a chance to play. Game & Sports develop the whole person, leading to the creation of self–worth, pride, group commitment, team work, individual discipline and proper attitude. A well structured sports programme also results in mental and physical toughness.

            The outdoor games programme offers cricket, football, athletics, whereas indoor games comprise chess, carom and table tennis. Expert coaches guide the children. The juniors have a science park / recreation park.


            DU PUBLIC SCHOOL is designed as an “Inclusive School”, where slow learners with developmental delays are included in the mainstream classroom. Trained special educators withdraw the children everyday to the resource room according to a need based programme. Pupils and teachers are sensitized to the special needs of these children.

Teacher Orientation and Training

            Our teaching faculty comprises caring, dedicated and knowledgeable educators who prefer to form, rather than inform, minds. Regular in-service training is provided in order to upgrade teaching skills and to stay abreast of the latest in pedagogy.

This is a very important and integral part of our School. We have an in-house Counselor and a team of teachers who provide pastoral care to all the children. No child is allowed to feel the stress of growing up. The Counselor holds sessions with both boys and girls, preparing them for the natural physical changes that they go through and helping them to understand, and cope with, the attending psychological and emotional stress. Children are taught to take on the challenges of academic pressure. We want our children to be strong, caring, compassionate and unafraid to face the challenges and stress of the outside world.